Corbatas de seda

Ties inspired by decorative elements of modernist architecture and especially in the work of Antoni Gaudi and the Trencadis technique.

Natural silk designs carefully prepared by skilled artisans in our Clothing Workshop.

Items designed and made in Barcelona with a complete resolution of the drawings shown in Passeig de Gracia´s floor tile: Gaudí´s Trencadis and decorative elements from Park Guell´s benches.

All sour ties wear the label Gaudi Limited Collection, a brief information card about the source of inspiration for each design and the official certification D´A Catalan Quality Craftsmanship

High-quality silk ties designs inspired by Gaudi

Gaudi Limited Collection silk ties

Gaudi Trencadis silk ties

The D´ARTESANIA distinctive quality certification

Explanatory card contextualising the design

Gaudi Park Guell silk ties

Silk ties Gaudi Passeig de Gracia´s floor tile

Explanatory card providing the inspirational reason for the design